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Executive Coaching - Strategic Focus


6 months+


Lead purposefully your business including its people and their performance. Elevate the culture and strategy to support new levels of success. Create a business and life you love.

We will partner to design our work together, meeting you where you are and identifying what success looks like, including the most important goals and objectives you'd like to achieve. In reparation for our work together, you may complete the Energy Leadership(TM) Index (ELi) assessment, a 360 degree assessment or others as we would agree upon to support the work.

Our approach and philosophy is that the answers to creating the business, career and life you love are all within you or within your reach. I'll support your creation of a vision, success formula, and action plans, with accountability, designed by you to sustain you in reaching your most important goals.

I'll bring to bear my experience as a business executive, owner, leader, volunteer and human. For over 21 years, I've held key leadership roles for two of the fastest-growing, impactful, and effective training and leadership development organizations in the world (The Arbinger Institute and Crucial Learning). I've supported hundreds of businesses and individuals in reaching new milestones of personal and business success, from fortune 500 corporations to one-person entrepreneurs. 

Everyone is a leader and has the ability and power within themselves to lead incredible lives of meaning and influence and do it on purpose. I'd be honored to partner with you in support of your ongoing dreams!

Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery session -

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