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Here are testimonials and appreciation about Mike's coaching from powerful leaders that are part of his community.

California Teachers Association

Troy G.
school Union Negotiator California

From the first session working with Mike I experienced tremendous valuable. Because of Mike's personability and intuitive inquiry, I experienced significant growth as a leader. I anxiously anticipated each of our sessions. His coaching helped me to see new possibilities and to make amazing breakthroughs with a difficult conflict situation in our district. I'm more confident in my leadership roles at work and more aware of my impact on others.  He helped me navigate a challenging personal relationship, and make great progress where I previously thought it was unchangeable. 

JOhan S.
Business Owner, PostNet  

As a new business owner, Mike was the perfect fit to help me navigate a very pivotal and challenging time for my business. He helped me see opportunities in the place of obstacles, and self discover where I wanted to improve as a leader. His powerful questions and coaching skill led to me taking more confident and consistent action toward the most important goals I have for my business. During our work together, and since, we have greatly accelerated our revenue growth, were named Utah's Golden Key Small Business of the Year, and our region's business of the month. Mike is easy to work with, his patient yet direct approach provided an incredible space for impactful growth, for me and my business.


Heidi E. 
Client Success Manager, Arbinger

Heidi sharing her leadership transformation

Mike has been wonderful to work with! He’s helped bring awareness to why I continued to get stuck in the past. I would get motivated for a short period of time but always end up back in the vicious cycle of disappointed when I couldn’t accomplish my most important goals. He's helped me understand that my natural energy is neither bad or good, but that it can be harnessed in helpful ways aligned with who I am. I've gained real awareness of why I'd get “stuck” in the past- because I was trying to force myself to be someone I’m not. Mike’s approach is  powerfully realistic and effective. I highly recommend him to anyone who has felt like they’ve tried different methods, to lead powerfully in business and life, but have been frustrated when those methods don’t work. Mike’s approach, empowered me to see that I can access all of the answers for me, and provided the support I needed to go within to find them. I wouldn’t call him just a Leadership Coach, I’d call him a “Leadership Guide”. 

Paul Y.

Entrepreneur/Founder, FindMojo 

My firm, FindMojo, partnered with Mike for coaching and business development. Mike has a vast network of high-caliber contacts and relationships with key decision makers for our target accounts, as well as leaders at key industry groups. His depth and breadth of experience in the training, consulting, coaching, and the learning and development space were invaluable. However, the thing we enjoy the most about working with Mike is his high character, honesty, and integrity. He always delivers more value than we paid for and far exceeded expectations. He always did what he said he would do! Mike enabled us to grow our business quickly and efficiently. In other words, he opened and helped us open doors, channels, and revenue streams we wouldn't have opened without his help. Because of Mike’s efforts we were able to fill our sales pipelines for the second half of the year in just a couple of months.


SR. Director
Brigham Young University

Seeing Mike's background of working with hundreds of leaders in all types of organizations gave me confidence that he could help me. And he did tremendously! 

Rather than giving me advice, Mike helped me discover where I wanted to continue to develop as a leader. His process and way of questioning, in a challenging yet non-threatening way, helped me see my impact more broadly and to make breakthroughs. As a result I've adopted an incredibly simple yet powerful way of leading (a process to impact varied & multiple challenges and goals) that has evaded me for decades. I've been a chief executive at multiple organizations and I wish that I had his coaching earlier in my career! I really appreciated Mikes calm, friendly yet provoking style that easily helped me want to stretch & grow. 

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