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What is "Meaningful Success"?

It is different for everyone, however it is often not what we spend most of our time and energy going after.

Often we are chasing someone else's definition of success, or their expectations for us.

Meaningful success is stripped of others and society's expectations. It lives inside us at our core, it is staying true to our deep sense of purpose.

Below is a photo of my family; spouse, children (Including in-laws), and grandchildren demonstrating what meaningful success looks like to me.

Receiving coaching and my own journey has inspired me to be more intentional. I can't think of much that is more important to me than "Meaningful Success" so here is the beginning of a list for me, so I can remember. I'll continue to add to & revise it!

To Me Meaningful Success Means...

1- I'm growing my faith in God by seeing more of His love for me and His children, daily

2- Deepening and strengthening my most important relationships (with Susan, family and friends)

3- Doing work that lights me up, stretches me and is even a bit scary

4- I explore and experience nature weekly and feel the joy available there

5- Serving others regularly in powerful an impactful ways

6- Focusing daily to become more of the person & leader I'm meant to be

7- I'm becoming healthier via my diet and physical routines

8- My income supports my lifestyle and my desires to serve

Ready to impact your life?

Take a few minutes & start your list - To Me Meaningful Success Means...

Consider your values, your dreams and what brings purpose and passion to your life, your work, your relationships. What lights you up?

Find a quiet place to be with yourself and block out the noise of the world.

This is not permanent, adjust and revise it as you feel impressed, and as you discover more clearly what "Meaningful Success" is for you.

Put the list in a prominent place where you can see it daily.

If you'd like share your list to inspire me and others, please do!


Reach out to learn more, or experience the power of coaching



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