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Lead & Mind the puddle

A key for business owners and leaders is helping others without formal leadership roles, lead. But How?

Everyone can be an influential and impactful leader when they approach a task or action with purpose.

Recently, during a downpour in London, a taxi driver called to our group of four as he drove by and pointed ahead, saying, “Mind the puddle.”

If we would have kept going on our route & timing, we would have been hit by a wall of water from a double-decker bus. But because of this driver's leadership and kindness, we could wait and skirt past the puddle without traffic and avoid a soaking.

On this day (the day before the king's coronation), the driver acted on a greater purpose than just taking people from point A to point B and collecting a fare. I imagine he felt ownership of the streets of London and the power and ability to make a difference in people's lives, and he did. He knew what he had done, and I’d guess he joyed in his impact and accomplishment much more than when he only collected a fare after dropping a rider.

With a purpose, our actions take on greater meaning, and with intention, we see beyond the task to more significant impact and service. This purpose makes a difference; it enables motivation, feelings of fulfillment, increased energy, and engagement at work and in our lives.

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